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Adios Ejan... =(

Posted by [~ killerzonboard~ ] On 3:14 PM 5 comments

Last nite, 26/8/2009, i went to KLIA to send ejan as he'll gonna continue his study at canada.. I reached there around 2230 and straight away rushed to meet ejan. The moment i'd be there, i saw ejan with his family and his friends. At first, i cant noticed that his friends were actually LEOnairats as well. After a moment, i realized that they were pa'an, anas and pekga. So, i greet each of them. After had a chit chat for quite some time, the clock showed its already 2300. The time told us that it was a moment we need to let ejan go. The atmosphere during that nite was quite gloomy and it was raining outside. Seemed like the nature also cried for the departure of ejan to overseas. After gave hugs and last words, ejan walked away to his new destination, University of Alberta, Canada. I can see ejan broke his tears down a lil bit. c'mon man, its not dat ejan is emotional(maybe), but who does not sad when it came to this part. I also can feel it. He took the flight to London Heathrow(13 hours) and had a transit there for 10 hours and continue his journey to canda for the next 7-8 hours. So, the journey was actually about 30 hours. WOW!! damn long!! huhuh.. anyway, i just wanna wish him goodluck n all da best in his life!! forget us not!! As ejan walked away n now going to his next step to reach his dream, i'm still here.. still need to study for the next less than 1 year time. hopefully i also can make it and continue my studies abroad. So guys, plzzz.. wish me luck k!! do pray for me!! hopefully hakim, u r next!! (even though i think muz is next, sumwhere nearby raya rite.. hee =p )

White Vigour,


5 Response for the "Adios Ejan... =("

  1. aku bila nak fly ek?? duduk local je, bosan jugak. huhu

  2. muzhafar says:

    hakim, i know u can do it!
    best of luck to all LEOnairats in whatever u all doing!

  3. muz.. thanx 4 da words~
    rly appreciate it..
    nnti kite main bola sme2 lg kat uk k..(hopefully)
    hehe =)
    insyaallah.. amin~

  4. abid_pm says:

    ejan aku sorry tapat anta kat port
    dat night ujan laa..
    paan ade ajak aku,,tp aku tapat gerak

  5. zach zwan says:

    and nest is muz who is going to leave us here in Malaysia.further his study,huhuh...good luck muz.i love u...

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