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Posted by opel9144 On 5:15 AM 5 comments

Years had passed since that day,

Lot of things had changed,

And yet a lot more to come,

Beyond that,

A handfull more to be preserved,

Friendship build over the years,

Legacy passed down the generations,

And the honor that keeps the spirit burning and high,

May it last to the end of time,

Above them,

Countless memories to be carved deep in our heart,

Their sweetness and bitterness mixed harmoniously,

Flavoring the vast ocean of STAR,

That expand eternally,

As vast as our pure heart.


5 Response for the "............................."

  1. muzhafar says:

    opel! anda di mana skang?

  2. wow.
    kau jdi lecturer english ke?
    opel kat unimaps klu tak silap aku.,
    kan opel kan?

  3. oh my first bedmate time form 1 dulu. haha. kau sama seperti dulu. =]

    rindu ko dowh. heh

  4. opel9144 says:

    Ha'ah eki, aku kat Unimap. Mechatronik eng. rindu korunk gak. huhu..

  5. faris.a says:

    bes r post ko!haha ;p

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